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From Resin Bound Permeable Paving is the fantastic, eco-friendly alternative for all your driveway, patio, pathways or any other type of outdoor and indoor flooring needs!

This exciting new creation, with incorporates free flowing drainage technology, reduces the chance of run-off, the main cause of flooding, to almost nil.

Resindriveways.comResin Bound Driveways are an aesthetically pleasing material that is low maintenance, hardwearing, UV stable, and incredibly quick and easy to install.

We have been trusted by countless customers, from the standard Permeable Driveways install, the ideal home exhibition, all the way to royalty! We are the #1 choice and we won't let you down.

    S.U.D.s* or Sustainable Drainage Systems is the name given to a number of measures aimed at reducing the amount of surface water runoff generated after precipitation. Our increasingly urban environment has been designed to remove water from surfaces quickly but this has shifted the problem from the surface to downstream into our sewers and rivers and is responsible for much of the ‘flash flooding’ we have experienced in recent years.
    S.U.D.s comprises a number of components such as preventative measures to prevent leaks, the creation of green roofs, filter drains, ponds and wetlands and others. One of the important components is the provision of pervious surfaces which allow rainwater to drain through them into the underlying construction or soil.

    Schedule 3 to the Flood and Water Management Act 2010 requires construction work with drainage implications to have its drainage systems for managing surface runoff (including rainwater, snow and other precipitation) approved before construction may begin. A S.U.D.s Approving Body (SAB) will be established in unitary or county local authorities to approve and, where appropriate, adopt SuDS. The Act requires the Minister to publish National Standards on the design, construction, operation and maintenance of S.U.D.s. In order for drainage applications to be approved, the SAB must ensure that the applicant has designed the S.U.D.s in accordance with the National Standards. Once approved, the SAB must adopt and maintain those S.U.D.s that are functioning properly and serve more than one property.

    Clearly, any future building or construction work must demonstrate compliance with S.U.D.s through the incorporation of S.U.D.s components into the design. In terms of the sheer area concerned, the provision of pervious surfaces must be viewed as a key component of any design measures used. paving system is a resin bound aggregate surfacing system which can be used as a component of a S.U.D.s compliant resin bound system.'s Resin Bound Permeable system provides the surface course of a paved area and is free-draining. Of course, for the full paving construction to be considered as S.U.D.s compliant, all the components of the construction must be S.U.D.s compliant. It is only as good as its weakest link. However, such materials are now available in pervious sub-base and asphalt products.'s Resin Bound Driveways are a resin bound system Trade Marked and designed to be used in conjunction with specially selected aggregates in precise proportions to produce visually stunning paved areas for pedestrian or light vehicular traffic. Such areas would typically include Resin Bonded and Bound SUDS heritage sites, Resin Bonded Driveways,SUDS, Resin Bonded and Bound estate roads,SUDS Resin bound, Resin Bound Driveways, footpaths, Resin Bonded and Resin Bound cycleways, courtyards, pathways, public parks, pedestrian precincts, office buildings, Resin Bonded and Resin Bound landscaping schemes, schools, Resin Bonded and Resin Bound walkways, Resin Bound tree pits, Resin Bonded and Resin Bound patios, conservatories, gardens, playgrounds, swimming pool surrounds, disabled access ramps, Resin Bonded roof terraces and Resin Bound balconies and Driveways, Permeable Driveways. Resin Bound surfacing has been proven in use over time and over hundreds of thousands of square metres of surfacing. Using it as part of a resin bound aggregate surfacing system gives you:

  • A beautiful even surface using natural materials

  • Available as Resin Bound Slabs

  • Sustainable Drainage Systems (SuDS) compliance

  • Environmentally friendly, biomass-based resin system containing no harmful chemicals

  • No odour either during or after installation

  • A durable yet flexible and crack resistant surface

  • Easy maintenance

  • A choice of Standard or UV resistant grades.

  • *Formerly known as Sustainable Urban Drainage Systems.




    • Our Resin Bound Surfaces are Free-Draining
    • Conforms to S.U.D.s Regulations
    • No Planning Permission Needed or Required
    • Resin Bound Paving is Low Maintenance
    • Anti-slip Resin Bonded Options
    • Aesthetically pleasing
    • Bonded Gravel is Wheelchair friendly
    • Hardwearing Bonded Surface
    • ECO friendly
    • Choice of natural stone, size and colours and Recycled materials
    • Permeable Paving can be laid in the same traditional manor to other non-permeable slabs
    • Can be laid to existing substrates thanks to the Resin Bonded slabs Unique Patented matrix core system

    Where can Permeable Paving be used?

    • Anywhere where rain water maybe an issue and or S.U.D.s Regulations apply
    • Resin Bound Driveways
    • Bound Gravel Paths
    • Resin Bonded Patios
    • Permeable Surfaces for Parks
    • Landscaping Sites
    • SUDS Heritage Sites
    • Pedestrian Precincts
    • Bound Resin Cycle Paths
    • Roads
    • Housing Developments
    • Retail Units
    • Permeable paving for Town Centres
    • Non Slip Resin Swimming pool surrounds

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